Plastic Woes and Bag Lady Foes

1) During the 2011 International Coastal Cleanup, volunteers collected 120,450 pounds of plastic bags off of beaches in the United States. 

I just need some lentils. Well, and also some oats. I peer around the slow-moving bodies, hopeful for a stack of paper bags tucked between the rice and granola bins. A skinny kid in an apron is checking the steel jugs of vinegar, oil and syrup.


1001 Questions Answered About the Seashore*

#173. If a starfish is torn apart into single rays, can each become a new star? Yes, under certain circumstances. Most rays (legs) will only grow out and reconstitute a whole starfish if the ray retains part of the central body region. However, there is a Southern Californian starfish which is remarkable in several ways.…