Excerpt: “Bait” & Being Old Enough

“What do you think, gals?” Dave calls out to me and Hannah, since we’ve already taken a position standing two feet behind him and off to the side. “Two sardines, two squid?”
I think it’s going to take a lot more than that to bait the hundreds of crab pots Dave says he has waiting offshore, but I don’t say it. It’s obviously a question that we’re meant to answer affirmatively, to keep up the charade that we know what we’re doing. There’s an awkward pause. Obviously, Hannah isn’t interested in playing.


NaNoWriteMore (Vocab Lesson)

November howls with word storms. Across the world, people are writing novels. In my little house, I only appear to be alone. Courtesan: Upstairs, pint-sized, in furred boots, she entertains invisible guests. Her tongue and jaws make tiny, busy noises. Harmonize: In the kitchen, silhouetted musicians banter in a yellow light, following along with the…

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Chapter 22: Wal-Mart

I’ve always been a journal-er. Of course, when life gets really interesting, I have tended to drop the practice (although I’m proud to say I’ve been doing daily writing now for almost a year, for the first time in my life). Digging through old journals, I have gone down a number of rabbit-holes, not all…

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Chapter five: The Tree Hugger

  Hello, readers. I have been working hard on a long-form essay for you all. Meanwhile, I wanted to share a chapter from my upcoming memoir. It’s about an uncommon line of work I took up one winter after graduating from college, and the uncommon person I met while on the job. In this chapter…

This is a Good Story

It’s not very often life hands you a story, fully formed, that begs to be told. A really Good Story. Okay, there are the little stories. Like the time we let a bag of meat rot under our steps. Or when my four-year-old nephew accidentally backed my brother’s truck into a lake. I’m talking about the…