Pictures of Rocks and Sand

Geomorphology (from Ancient Greek: geo, “earth”; morphe, “form”; and logos, “study”): The study of the origin and evolution of Earth’s landscapes.
Geomorphophilia: The feeling of being in love with the way the landscape changes.

I walk cautiously down the narrow forest trail, avoiding little orange-bellied salamanders. (Are they star-gazers slow to seek their daytime hideouts, or just pine-needle loving amphibians out for a morning stroll?) I don’t stop to wonder…


Hiking the Gorge of Many Faces

If you’re in the woods and a rock looks fuzzy, there’s a reason Moss grew on its head while the rain fell. Don’t trust it — It only appears to be anchored to the hillside. Like an unstable partner it will unmoor, taking you down with it as you attempt to climb. Moss on rocks:…