Tuula's tiny house.

Ten Things Learned From Moving Out of a Tiny House and Into a Big House

As some of you may know, I spent the last four years living in a homemade tiny house. This winter I made a Big House transition. Here are some reflections on what’s changed.

1. You can have multiple towels going at once.
2. You might miss the company when you’re pooping after all.
3. Scissors go missing for days. Days! When they wander back, you may find yourself breathlessly excited, and also intrigued: What are the journeys of scissors?


NaNoWriteMore (Vocab Lesson)

November howls with word storms. Across the world, people are writing novels. In my little house, I only appear to be alone. Courtesan: Upstairs, pint-sized, in furred boots, she entertains invisible guests. Her tongue and jaws make tiny, busy noises. Harmonize: In the kitchen, silhouetted musicians banter in a yellow light, following along with the…