1/jester 2/inventor 3/thrill-seeker 4/tide-pool diver 5/serial blogger (see [bicycling across country for good food] and [building a tiny house, living in it for 3 years]) 6/cyclist 7/relationship artist 8/gemini 9/patriot 10/lady;unladylike 11/optimist



I love blogging. For me, it’s the most direct way to translate my vast experiences into word nuggets that are philosophical, poetic, interesting and useful – sometimes all at the same time.

I’ve been doing it for years, for free. I have supported myself with other work that is generally less useful to society as a whole. Meanwhile, I’ve watched the internet spiral into a sad soup of popups, unwanted video ads, and corporate-sponsored crap. I’m ready to change all that.

I’ll never put ads on my blog (and encourage you to use an adblocker to hide the WordPress ads). Instead, for the past few months, I’ve been asking my readers to donate to support my writing with the simple inclusion of a button on my blog. Click the button, go to Patreon, sign up for a painless deduction from your bank account every month, done. (While you’re there, you might find some other worthy artists, musicians, etc. that will bring magic into your life.)

Over time, I hope to make this process more seamless. I still want to publish things for free, but I think I will be more inspired to write to a paying audience (even if they only pay a tiny bit). Paywalls are new to the internet, but I think they’re important, and extremely practical. Why rely on advertisers and corporate sponsorships to produce every little thing? With sites like Patreon, you pay for what you want to read/see/listen to, and not what you don’t.

Consider it an alternative to the current advertising-flooded, big-media-owned internet. Thank you.



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