Literary Alert!

The Spring 2018 issue of the Timberline Review is now available for purchase on their website!

My essay, “What to Wear on Windy Days” appears in this issue. Although an earlier version of this work appeared on this blog last July, it underwent some major changes after I took my month-long bicycle sojourn across the Oregon desert in August. By September, I was ready to submit it to the Timberline Review, and lo and behold, the majick worked!

Even better, this spring the Timberline Review folks sent an email inviting me to read the essay aloud at an event they were organizing in Portland. I grabbed the chance to visit my favorite city on Earth, and dove into my hard drive to retrieve the essay, which I hadn’t looked at since submitting it.

That sucker was an emotional jack-in-the-box. I wrote it right after my dad died. I couldn’t read it aloud without crumbling, sobbing and shaking.

Fortunately, a few read-throughs gave me the distance I needed, and I made it through the event last night without tears. I even got a laugh or two out of the audience. Success!

Shoutout to my lovely friends Max and Seth for showing up at the bookshop and taking video. I will soon upload it to my Patreon page as an extra little gift to you!



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